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For over 30 years, people in search of adventure have traveled to the Black Rock High Rock National Conservation Area for Burning Man. The trek from San Francisco and all points of the globe has become an annual pilgrimage for many—while rugged individualists, historians, environmentalists and outdoor recreation fanatics are out on the Playa all year long.

Friends of Black Rock High Rock, a non-profit organization, welcomes visitors to the NCA and provides support for their adventure in the form of “Leave No Trace” education and programming, tours of the back country and campouts for events like the Perseids Meteor Shower.

Due to the pandemic, Black Rock City will not appear this year, but Friends of Black Rock High Rock is helping an increasing number of visitors who still want to enjoy a truly unique experience in the Northern Nevada desert. Stunning hot springs, mining camps, ghost towns and hiking trails are just the beginning. Choose your adventure – from exploration of the mountains and canyons to hot springs glamping – Friends are here for you.

Check out their website at for the latest weather, safety, environmental and recreational information. Become a member of Friends at and be the first to receive information on educational and recreational programs and activities as well as volunteer opportunities.

And next time you are in Gerlach stop by their office. If you are lucky, they will be open and maybe even set up outside like they were on this one day.

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