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Here is the route for your virtual 355 mile journey from the Bay to the Black Rock.


You will start on the north end of the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge and cross into San Francisco. Through the City, then cross the Bay again on the workhouse Bay Bridge.

Now you are on Interstate 80 heading due east all the way to northwestern Nevada.

Along the way you will pass through various cities in the middle of California including Vacaville, Davis and the capital of the state, Sacramento.

From Sacramento heading east you will travel on scenic city streets used by the California International Marathon such as J Street and Fair Oaks Boulevard.


Then you will climb into the Sierra Nevada foothills made world famous due to the California Gold Rush of 1849. Up over Donner Pass amid high peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains.


Sometimes we’ll have you on old US 40, which was the road from the Bay to Reno before Interstate 80 was built. Get onto this two-laned highway as much as you can.

Once you reach NV State Route 447 you head due north past the spectacular Pyramid Lake to Gerlach, the gateway to the Black Rock Desert.



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