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History and Champions

Race178 has compiled this history and list of past men’s and women’s champions in an effort to respect the heritage of this longstanding event which we believe to be “Reno’s oldest footrace.” We have not been able to identify all of the past men’s and women’s champs nor confirm all of these results. A special thanks to John Trent for his contributions. If you have any information about the distinguished history of this event, please contact Matt Balzer at

Enjoy this stroll down memory lane...

  • The idea came from Gib Landell of the Nevada State Journal.
  • Skip Houk set up the course.
  • Held in early November.
  • The initial distance was 4.85.
  • Finished on the RHS track a few years.
  • Advertised the race in CA.
  • Offered prize money.
  • There was a plaque where winners names were recorded.

In the 1970’s, the UNR track coach Jack Cook required his runners to participate.

In 1973 (5th Annual), the race was 5 miles.

  • Started at 10 am.
  • Lt. Gov. Harry Reid was present to hand out the trophies and medals.
  • Ty Cobb, Nevada State Journal associate editor, served as the master of ceremonies.
  • RHS jazz combo played along the course.
  • Won by Domingo Tibaduiza, who was the star sophomore XC runner at Nevada (it was his 2nd win).

In 1974 (6th Annual), Domingo Tibaduiza won for the 3rd time in a row with a record time.

  • Locals Lynn Mentzer finished in 4th in the 15-18 age group with Ron Cross placing first. Both became very involved in local running.

In 1978 (10th Annual), the race was held on October 9.

  • Record number of participants of more than 900 with 1,000 registered.
  • Notable locals in the results: Bruce Susong, Dave Howard and his wife in the husband-wife category, Janet Josephson and her daughter in the mom-daughter category, the Rusks in two family categories.
  • 3 separate 5-mile categories
    • Division I – championship run with a 35-minute time limit
    • Division II – “joggers’ jog” with a 60-minute time limit
    • Division III – Business and Family Jog with a 60-minute time limit.

In 1979 (11th Annual), the race was held in mid-October.

  • No UNR runners in the race. Jack Cook, the UNR coach, said that there were complaints that “people couldn’t compete against these kids, the UNR runners … The Jog is a community thing… we should let the people of the community have their day. This race ought to be for the jogger type. The guy who isn’t running for his life every weekend.”
  • 3 separate 5-mile categories
    • Division I – championship run with a 35-minute time limit, starting at 9 am.
    • Division II – “joggers’ jog” with a 60-minute time limit, starting at 9:45 am.
    • Division III – Business and Family Jog with a 60-minute time limit, starting at 11 am
  • 947-1,013 runners in the field.
  • The Women’s Champion was 15-year-old, RHS sophomore Inga Thompson.

In 1980 (12th Annual), held October 12.

  • 3 separate races: Open, Joggers and Business-Family
  • source: preview article, article with great photo of winner and Lynn behind him.

In 1987, the race went to an 8K distance.

In 1988 (20th Annual) held October 1.

  • Record field of 1571 runners
  • Domingo won his 5th
  • John Trent wrote the article in the RGJ newspaper.

In 1998 (30th Annual), it was John Trent’s last year as a sportswriter at the RGJ covering the event.

In 2008, the course no longer went up Hunter Lake and down Ferris. The new course headed north on Booth, west on Idlewild, etc.

In 2013, the race was turned over to Race178 owned by Eric and Stephanie Lerude.

  • Minor course change using Robin.

In 2019, the 8K course remained the same but the start/finish moved to Idlewild Park.

2020-2022, the race was not held.

In 2023 (52nd Running), the race was held by new Race178 owners, Matt and Aimee Balzer.

  • 2 separate races: Running Stroller and Run/Walk/Walking Stroller.
  • Start/Finish in front of RHS.

Journal Jog Champions

1969 (4.85 miles)
Winner: Pete Sinnott 24:46 (ran 4:02.8 mile at UNR)
Women’s Winner: Dale Phillips 34:46

Winner: Skip Houk 25:01
Women’s Winner: not available

Winner: Peter Duffy 24:01 (UNR)
Women’s Winner: Debra Rudolph 32:49

Winner: Domingo Tibaduiza 24:25 (UNR)
Women’s Winner: Debra Rudolph 30:51

1973 (5th Annual, 5 miles)
Winner: Domingo Tibaduiza 23:30 (UNR)
Women’s Winner: Karen Bain 30:27

Winner: Domingo Tibaduiza 23:13 (UNR)
Women’s Winner: Karen Bain 29:47

Winner: Ron Zarate 24:24 (UNR)
Women’s Winner: Karen Bain 30:08

Winner: Ron Zarate 23:44 (UNR)
Women’s Winner: Karen Bain 29:44 (4th win)

Winner: Athol Barton 24:08
Women’s Winner: Mary Lynn Guter 30:19

1978 (10th Annual)
Winner: Tom Wysocki 23:20
Women’s Winner: Tracey Lynn Wong 30:13

Winner: Tom Von Ruden 24:29
Women’s Winner: Inga Thompson 30:04

Winner: Tom Wysocki 23:11
Women’s Winner: Inga Thompson 28:36

Winner: Joaquin Leano 23:26
Women’s Winner: Inga Thompson 27:58 (3rd win)

Winner: Bill Knapp 24:01
Women’s Winner: Angela Tibaduiza 28:54

1983 (15th Annual)
Winner: Bill Knapp 23:54 (2nd win)
Women’s Winner: Angela Tibaduiza 28:15 (2nd win)

Winner: Derrick May 23:12
Women’s Winner: Terry Schmidt-Puckett 28:42

Winner: Domingo Tibaduiza 22:47
Women’s Winner: Terry Schmidt-Puckett 27:41

Winner: Adrian Callan 23:12
Women’s Winner: Terry Schmidt-Puckett 26:49

1987 (8K, 4.97 miles)
Winner: Alan Dehlinger 23:52
Women’s Winner: Rosie Tibaduiza-Cardenas 29:32

1988 (20th Annual)
Winner: Domingo Tibaduiza 24:23
Women’s Winner: Terry Schmidt-Puckett 27:00

Winner: Miguel Tibaduiza 24:05
Women’s Winner: Terry Schmidt-Puckett (5th win)

Winner: Domingo (6th win) & Miguel Tibaduiza (2nd win) 24:23
Women’s Winner: Linda Somers 27:20

Winner: Alan Dehlinger 25:06 (2nd win)
Women’s Winner: Kay Gooch 27:57

1998 (30th Annual)
Winner: John Howell 25:15

Winner: John Howell 25:12
Women’s Winner: Kay Gooch 28:52 (2nd win)

Winner: John Howell 25:52

Winner: John Howell 25:45

Winner: John Howell 26:44

Winner: John Howell 26:05 (6th win)

Winner: Scott Young 26:14?

Women’s Winner: Sarah Raitter 31:08

2008 (40th Annual)
Winner: Jonathan Cardenas 25:20
Women’s Winner: Kristi Arthur 29:07
Note: new course heading north on Booth, west on Idlewild, etc.; no longer up Hunter Lake and down Ferris

Winner: Clayton Conrad 25:57
Women’s Winner: Giovanna White 28:24

Winner: Jason Mayeroff 25:11
Women’s Winner: Ramona Sanchez

Winner: Leif Anderson 25:50
Women’s Winner: Collier Lawrence 28:20

Winner: Lupe Cabada 26:20
Women’s Winner: Ramona Sanchez 28:49
Note: Race178 becomes owner of the race; minor course change using Robin.

Winner: August Brautigam 25:25
Women’s Winner: Ramona Sanchez 28:34

Winner: Lupe Cabada 25:59
Women’s Winner: Ramona Sanchez 29:15

Winner: Brandon Nied 26:27
Women’s Winner: Ramona Sanchez 28:15

Winner: Zachary Hunt 25:47
Women’s Winner: Ramona Sanchez 28:15

2018 (50th Annual)
Winner: Tyler Sickler 26:39
Women’s Winner: Beth Martin 33:20

2019 (51st Annual)
Winner: Lupe Cabada 25:10 (3rd win)
Women’s Winner: Ramona Sanchez 29:14 (7th win)

2020-2022 (No race held)

2023 (52nd Annual)
Winner: Ku Stevens 24:06
Women’s Winner: Emily Clarke 28:42
Run Stroller Winner: Luis Barraza 28:37
Non-binary Winner: Asher Morningstar 1:04:42

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